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14 W Gutierrez Street, Santa Barbara, CA + (805) 963-6677
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Film Plastic Recycling

Ablitt’s Recycle

Thank you for considering recycling your film plastic with Ablitt’s Planet Protector program! Scroll down and fill out our form to join our Planet Protectors email invite list.  You will receive an email before every event, if you have plastic you want to recycle, and are available on that day and hour, fill out the form. We look forward to seeing you! You will only receive a reply if the event is full.

All events are held outside, behind the Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners building. And currently, masks are required. Please park on the street, or in the city lot across the street from Ablitt’s when you come to the events. You will see our event sign when you arrive which will direct you to the event.


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Film Plastic Journey

1 1

Ablitt's encourages customers to collect plastic film at home.

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We then recommend you attend an Ablitt's recycling event...

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Where at our plant you'll learn how to sort film and maybe even begin to kick the plastic habit! Non-usable goes to landfill.

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We will then mechanically compact the plastic into bales stores times 1000lb or 32 bales are collected.

5 5

Greenpath Trucking will transport our customer sorted clean plastic bales to a processing factory...

6 6

Where the recycled material is converted back to clean reusable raw material to be manufactured...

7 7

By Trex into furniture, decking and other finished consumer products.

We Recycle:

  1. Case/Pallet Wrap
  2. Retail Bags
  3. Dry Clean Bags
  4. Napkins Wraps
  5. Paper Towel Wraps
  6. Bathroom Tissue Wraps
  7. Diaper Wrap
  8. Bread Bags (turn inside out)
  9. Bubble Wrap & Bubble-Only Envelopes
  10. Newspaper Bags
  11. Air Pillows (please pop first)
  12. Bubble Wrap
  13. DryCleaner Bags

We Do Not Recycle:

  1. Rigid Plastic
  2. Frozen Food Bags
  3. Degradable Bags
  4. Food Wrap
  5. Produce Bags or Pre-washed Salad Mix Bags
  6. Nothing with lots of tape or stickers (small amounts of both are okay)
  7. Nothing WET
  8. Nothing Dirty