Wedding Gown Specialist

All drycleaners are not created equal. When it comes to any treasured garment, Wedding Gowns, Christening Gowns, Quincenera or that very special party gown, it pays to find a cleaner that cares as much as you do. Common stains such as perspiration, wine (red and white), and the ground on dirt that is inevitable when a skirt is dragged on the ground do not come out in regular drycleaning. Embellishments, material types (silk, taffeta, satin blends, etc) add beauty to these garments, but also require special knowledge and on the part of a cleaner. Here at Ablitt’s we bring in specialist twice a year to be sure that we know all the latest techniques and fibers so that your treasured garment will look its very best. Have you ever thought that maybe your perfect gown was in the attic? Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners can provide gown restoration services that will bring that vintage gown back to life from oxidized stain removal to optical whiteners; no one understands how to restore a gown better than Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners! Contact the Wedding Gown Specialist  
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